Reflections of a scattered Mind!!

"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

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Happy Bear

I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing that grade report of mine… I was not at all expecting those things.. those ‘A’ Grades in Mathematics-II and Engineering Mechanics, ‘Not F’ in Basic Mechanical Science…..

When my friend Krishna called me 5 days ago and said my grades,I did not really believe him… I thought he was just kidding (Sorry Krishna! Never mind it!). My thought strengthened when I went to net to check out the results on my own but found no results…

But, a question is arising in my mind (better say, heart): Do I deserve those grades for the things I learnt?? ( They r too little).. Is there any student in our college who deserves the grades he obtained?.. Is this the kind of education we get in such a prestigious college??

Yes, this lenient kind of valuating the student’s brains(also their future) should not be followed. Else, our society could never move forward & our students won’t get what they deserve…..