Reflections of a scattered Mind!!

"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

First Week @ Bangalore

Hi !
At last, I’ve started to Bangalore for my Intern @ IBM, Bangalore. Couldn’t get reservation on train so had to take a bus. Its really a hectic journey .. 18 hours of continuous journey in a bus …
I reached Bangalore @ 6 am but had to wait for my friend Praveen to arrive there (hez also an intern) whoz coming by train .. The train got delayed and came at 11.45 keeping me waiting all that time ….

The first problem faced is ACCOMMODATION. We went on searching for that for two complete days and finally got settled in an house….

Coming to office part, its pretty cool…. Its different from what I expected… People are having fun there….. Got my PC (worst kind) at the end of my first week.
Waiting for my project to begin ….
Sai Prasad