Reflections of a scattered Mind!!

"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

My First Earning


My first earning reached my account 3 days ago… It really feels good to have your first earning coming into your hands…. I was happy ( take it as superlative degree of joy)….. Its not a big amount ( just 14000+ bucks) but still I was happy…. No work and still you get paid… Who wouldn’t love it??

I decide not to save any part from that….. And also not to spend it on anyone else…. Just ME…..
i wanna spend it all for myself……. The immediate next day, we all (Praveen, Suresh & me) rushed to B.F. (Brand Factory)…. Got hands on all kind of things there ……

Its really a good thing to : SHOP AS YOU WISH & SWIPE YOUR VISA….

hehe… Time for my cup of coffee ..)

Sai Prasad.