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Installing Android !!!

Few steps for setting up things before developing applications for Android….

  • Download & Install JRE from
  • Download & Extract Eclipse IDE for Java Developers from
  • Download the latest version of Android SDK from
  • Download ADT (Android Development Tools) from
  • Start Eclipse, then select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install….
  • Select Archive and then browse to the downloaded ADT Zip file.
  • You should see the plugin listed by the URL, with “Developer Tools” nested within it. Select the checkbox next to Developer Tools and click Install…
  • On the subsequent Install window, “Android DDMS” and “Android Developer Tools” should both be checked. Click Next, then Finish. Restart Eclipse.
  • Select Window > Preferences… to open the Preferences panel (Mac: Eclipse > Preferences).
  • Select Android from the left panel.
  • For the SDK Location in the main panel, click Browse… and locate your downloaded SDK directory. Click Apply, then OK.
  • Now, lets install an AVD (Android Virtual Device). Navigate to /tools in a command line and execute:
    android create avd --name  #your_avd_name# --target #targetid#
  • Just press Enter when asked to create an hardware profile.

Now you are done with setup……. Happy developing with Android !!!
Start with Hello, World program in the documentation.

Sai Prasad