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Is Mozilla Firefox More Secure Than Internet Explorer?

Have you ever asked someone why does he/she prefer Mozilla Firefox over Microsoft Internet Explorer? If not, you ask yourself that question. And as I guess (or atleast the surveys say) that the most common answer is:

“Mozilla Firefox is secure, while Internet Explorer is not”

Even that was my opinion also. But well, things aren’t the same as thought about. I was just going through some vulnerability statistics in these browsers and the results laughed at me saying – “Welcome to the real world of security dude!!”
Let me give you some overall statistics on vulnerabilities in these applications.

Secunia Vulnerabilities:

Mozilla Firefox 3.x : 68 (11 highly, 1 less, 2 not critical, others unknown) – 0 unpatched

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x : 1 (1 less critical) – 1 unpatched

(Secunia is a leading Security Analyzing organization)

Even though the turnaround time for patches is comparatively much better in case of Firefox, the Internet Explorer has very few bugs (which are even not very critical).

Being a fan of Firefox myself, it was hard to believe the statistics. So I also checked the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures) identifiers registered for both Firefox & IE. But even those showed me that Internet Explorer is safe, even safer than Firefox…

Well folks, the next time you ask someone to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, please find some other reason (instead of telling it is secure).