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"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

New Domain


A post from me after a long time, and this time I’ve news to share. I bought a domain name for myself [not a great domain name, though :(]. I found a place to host my site temporarily for a few months.. :)

As can obviously be seen, this is powered by wordpress. I’ve taken a bit time to import all my previous entries into this blog [from Blogger, Y! Blog]. In case, u need any help regarding the first step to migrate from blogger to wordpress, I’m happy to help you…

The main purpose to get a domain is: I do not want to lose touch with web development & i wouldn’t be laxy if its my OWN domain / site. Now that I’ve got a domain for myself, I’m planning to host a few small services on my site. Keep looking this blog once in a while. [I suggest to go for the RSS feed].

Looking forward to develop for my site.. :)