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I Had a Problem


  • Language: C++
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Target Audience: Programmers
  • Sub Area: Reading ASCII / UTF-8 files from the disk using C++ streams.
  • Trouble: How to handle files whose file names contains non-ASCII characters?? (coz ifstream takes a ASCII file path :–( )


  • Use _wfopen_s(), the safe version of _wfopen(), which takes a wide-character file name & gives a FILE pointer i.e; FILE*.
  • Use the obtained FILE* to create a stream, like ifstream in(fp);
  • We used wide-character file name & are reading the file byte-by-byte (actually, its char). DONE !! :–)

BTW, I got help from here! Hope this savesĀ  time for someone out there…