Reflections of a scattered Mind!!

"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

And, I'm Back!

I’ve decided that I need to celebrate the release of WordPress 3.0. So, I’ve given a thought about the best way to celebrate! And guess what? Using it & spreading the word will the best (both for myself & WordPress too :D). So, I’m back to my blog. And this is not like my previous times !!! I’m going stick around updating my blog for quite some time (a couple of months, for a minimum).

Let me start with what happened during last few months. Actually, many of them I wish they didn’t happen or they happened other way.. :(

  • I tried to get a driving license at Noida, but failed because of lack of local address proof. Seriously, going back to my hometown just for getting a license - doesn’t it sound stupid?
  • With no license, my dream of a getting a bike got wiped away !
  • I’m getting bored (read as vexed, irritated and so on…) of Noida ! What a stupid place it is !! Isn’t it?
  • Laptop is troubling me a lot…. Currently under repair. Wish I get it back soon!
  • Lost all the contacts from the mobile!

And the good part: Google I/O 2010 brought back my interest in Web & Mobile development, due to which, I decided to spend atleast 40 hours in the coming couple of months learning Android. I’ve also decided Learning is going to my major focus area for a couple more years!!

So, wish me luck in putting things into execution !