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"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

Just Friends! It Got Something !!

If you’re wondering what it is, ‘Just Friends’ is a novel by an Indian writer. I think it is his debut novel, but don’t take my word on this. You need to google (or bing, for Bing fans) it to be sure. By ‘It got something’, I don’t mean to say, its an awesome book. I wouldn’t even say its a good book, its just another book (add some 18+ masala content to the recipe) . What impressed me in the book are the quotes (quoted by the author himself, I believe) in it. They are not inspirational or something, but I liked them (not that I like only inspirational, in general). So, I decided to put my favorites here and share with you.

  • Sleep is deadly and love is lethal. The combination is so powerful that it leaves you helpless, forcing you to sleep later.
  • A sleepless night is a lover’s right
  • Restless nights, drowsy mornings, confused afternoons, lonely evenings…
  • Eyes are like prostitutes - they reveal more than they can conceal.
  • I laughed, she laughed. Problem solved.
  • I smiled, she smiled. All problems could wait.
  • You pose a great competition to sugar for its characteristics of deadly sweetness and mixing quickly and easily in unknown waters.
  • I wasn’t superstitious. It was just… love.

In case they don’t make sense to you, you need to read the novel then coz they all are situational, though you can identify the situations from the statements itself for many of them.

Until next post, have a peaceful life (great would be great, though)…