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5 Reasons I Dislike Flash

The times have changed to where we spend most of our lives on the web. But, web is far from perfect. It has annoyances lurking around at every corner. Most of the times I get annoyed is because of the bad code (in HTML, CSS, Javascript) by the developers. The next big annoyance is from Flash content, but I can’t blame the content developers for their code. Its the design issue of the Flash runtime itself…

The top 5 things in Flash that annoys me daily:

  1. Browser shortcuts (like, Ctrl+W, Ctrl+T) do not work when focused on flash elements, since it consumes all the keyboard events. I’d expect it to at least pass them to browser if it doesn’t handle a key event, but it doesn’t even bother.
  2. Zoom doesn’t work - Ctrl++, Ctrl+- are useless. You have to read the content in SWF in the published size itself. You cannot increase or decrease it size. :(
  3. Middle Click doesn’t work - I can’t open a link in new tabs. Opening links in new tabs from SWF is a small-size challenge.
  4. I can’t find the text I’m looking for with Ctrl + F. You can’t just search in Flash content, unless the SWF itself contains a search box & search implementation.
  5. Its pretty famous & is gonna stay there longer. And the worst part - everyone uses it in their site, though there is absolutely no need for it (making my browsing experience annoying) :(

Disclaimer: The above view is completely personal and has absolutely nothing to do with anything (including friends & employer also) else.