Reflections of a scattered Mind!!

"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

Square One

You begin at the Square One, you go forward with hopes and dreams, and most importantly with no idea what the future holds for you. You go non-stop until that day comes when completely unexpected happens, and you’ll be just thrown out back on to Square One.

You get dejected, depressed and lose all your hopes that everything got ruined. You live in darkness of the past, until one day you say to yourself “Enough! You got to get moving”… And, you start moving into that unknown future, with fear still in your mind…. You try to take one step at a time, but you haven’t gotten over your prior experiences. Yet, when you start getting over past and start moving forward with confidence, it happens again! You’ll land in the Square One again, now with no knowledge on how, when and why….

This time, you begin your journey again into those unknown lands, but instead of fear, this time you have that strange confidence – “Not to fear… I can get over even if the worse happens again!”