Reflections of a scattered Mind!!

"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

Impressed With Myself

Disclaimer: Just another personal rant written with sleepy eyes & confused mind (as always). Helps in killing a minute or two of your time (better to kill the time by yourself, rather than allowing it to die by itself, isn’t it?)

If you knew me personally, you’d certainly remember me complaining that I completely wasted my 4-years of time during my under-graduation. No I’m not denying that now.. Its still holds true… However, like Milton said “Every cloud has a silver lining”, I realized just a couple of days ago that my college days weren’t as worse as I always believed (in terms of learning & profession).

Hmm.. lets see.. What could it be that changed my mind? Some things (which I can share in public), that, well not exactly proud of, but feel-good things I did or happened during those interesting (like that Chinese curse – May you live in the interesting times) years.

  • My first semi-serious PHP site, self-learning, and doing all things by myself (design, backend, security, database etc.) came out pretty well than I expected. Site is archived here. (Well, thanks to CodeIgniter for making a lot of stuff easier :) )
  • Again PHP, a complete rewrite of the above site using Kohana & a fresh new design.. Actually, I copied basic idea of UI from IITB’s Techfest site (maybe, 2008), changed the color theme, changed & improved few elements, but I still consider it my best UI design yet (apart, from the top banner & menu). And the best part - the site is still in use actively (since 2008).
  • Breaking into Technozion site (NIT, Warangal’s Technical fest) and worse, I kind of defaced it. Did things like changing the password’s of all accounts once in every few hours, modifying database records of some particular users etc. (Thanks to some simple SQL injections). It was really fun, but I realized lately it wasn’t very moral thing to do. (actually, I passed the vulnerability info their web team, but they fixed it only partially, which kind of drove me crazy to do all that stuff).
  • Thanks to @sumit_bindal for reminding me how much I used to enjoy the puzzles on I used to spend my free-time on this site very much & certainly gave me a new angle of thought while writing code. Maybe, I should start again on those puzzles & see where I stand today…
  • It certainly feels good when you are only the one who solved the problem (with correct answer) in your lab exam. Doesn’t it? Thankfully, it was open-book exam, or else who would remember what is meant by articulation points, connected components etc. when you always know Google will help you anytime you need it..
  • B-Tree implementation, which took me some 7 hours, and yet I was really really excited that I could do that… solving the 8-queen problem in my 1st year of C++, without using 8 loops (sadly, I can’t think of any solution even today). Credit certainly goes to K.Ramesh for showing that programming is fun, and nothing else.. :). After all, I ended up being “not the worst programmer ever”..
  • Getting a job in the first campus placement company itself. I was shocked, so was the complete college (considering how bad my academics were, and the other students who got selected were the class-toppers of the course). Actually, this became a memory I relish, not because of getting a job, but how awesome it was to fool @harikine for 2 complete days making him believe I didn’t get that job, but everyone else knew the truth… (Trust me, it wasn’t easy, but a lot of people helped in hiding it from him..) Certainly a contender for my best moment of my college life…

Ouch… just 7 points… The silver lining seems to be very slim, but nevertheless, it exists.. And I can even say I’m impressed with myself, for the joy of something coming out from what you believe as a black hole…