Reflections of a scattered Mind!!

"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

Recap of My Life: The Last Two Weeks

So, this time I guess there has not been much technical readings… The only readings I have done are and techcrunch… Unread posts in my Google Reader, Quora & even on Twitter has increased a lot… The major factor has been to live without a laptop (since the display doesn’t work anymore).

So, there are a few things that changed in my life: I’m trying early to bed, early to rise for the last two days, and it has turned decent so far…. (I still believe that nocturnal life is best, though)..  I think its time to keep Windows away for a while and move into Mac / Linux (I’m typing this post on a MacBook). All my life, I used Windows and always thought on moving into Ubuntu, but couldn’t because of all kinds of games… Oh, though I used Mac earlier, MacBook Pro is pretty good and I’m loving its multi-touch gestures… :)

Apart from doing nothing, played a decent amount of Dota 2 on roommates laptop. One thing that came out of gaming is I kind of started thinking about having a interactive 360° virtual trial room (inspired from hero’s animation from Dota 2 game load screen). But, this for for sometime later, maybe a month or two or even later…

For this week and next, I’m majorly going to spend time learning mojito, some basic selenium and maybe a good Unit Testing framework (need to figure that one out).

I couldn’t resist not putting the below comic here (credit: gultRage)

This site contains very good quality comics, particularly for telugu folks..

PS: Dear KeePass, since you do not support Mac, I’m having hell lot of trouble accessing my passwords. Need to downgrade the database, and move to KeePassX for now… But, for longterm, I’m considering hosting a private web-based KeePass client (which I’m planning to search / develop)