Reflections of a scattered Mind!!

"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

This Week in My Life

This is really getting ridiculous.. My last post on this blog was 4 months ago, and the one before that 9 months ago.. This is not how I meant to do things.. This is also not the way things are supposed to go… Its true that more than sometimes, it is very hard, time-taking and exhaustive to put your thoughts on paper (err, keyboard)..  But, if I keep doing it at this pace, this blog shall do more harm to me than any good. Its time this thing changes… So, from this week, I shall put something like a weekly report which shall contain sharing things I found interesting, what I’m thinking hard etc…  Hopefully, this shall become a habit, a good habit actually…

Geekiness infiniti (You can never run out of geekiness :P)

Non-technical musings

  • A Good Place to Work - The author (a CEO) explains why having regular 1:1s is a must to make your workplace better. He even went further to forcing his managers to have regular 1:1s (or else get fired). This seems ridiculous to me - Companies claim of open-door policy, and the same companies ask for formal 1:1 discussion. If you have open-door policy, and you discuss everything with your manager in general in day-to-day life, what else can you talk about in the 1:1, except for staring at each other? The right thing seems to be to ensure the right communications (in any way) between employees and managers, but remember that 1:1s doesn’t work for everyone (that includes me).
  • So I was wishing @flawsophy for his birthday… - Funny, but with insights into the current state of wishing on birthdays in India. Its true, there is no more bigger insult than not wishing him/her on his/her birthday. And if you two are in relationship, expect a break-up message if you are not the first and last to wish them “Happy birthday”.. Oh, there is also a non-bailable Birthday Offence. Seriously, whats wrong with people? As if you are getting a new beginning every year on your birthday?

Garbage inside my mind

How do you take a good decision in life? You can never be sure. You can either choose a decision and pray that it will turn out to be good decision (which has 0.5 probability). Else, put all your effort to make sure this decision turns out to be a good one.

Limited time – All I’ve got is limited time. The piled up pending tasks shows how important it is for me to manage my limited time properly. Its time to take Time Management seriously, any tips here would be appreciated..

Ahh… end of the post.. See you next week my dear blog…