Reflections of a scattered Mind!!

"Not all scattered pieces are of broken glass"

What Do I Regret the Most?

Its life.. Things happen.. Some things you never wanted to happen, somethings you never thought could happen, some bad things, and some surprisingly life-changing things… Out of everything, there is one thing I truly regret, wish it never happened – Growing up.

So, what did growing up do to me, you may wonder..

  • It made me a killer. Forced me kill some many of my own dreams.
  • Showed me its not easy to make a choice, and later made me realize that some choices could turn out to be really bad ones..
  • Showed me you could end up in a big mess even with no wrong decision taken.
  • Its not impossible to repeat that one big mistake you’d never ever want to.
  • Surprisingly and shockingly, you can’t choose people. They come in to your life, maybe turn around our world without your knowledge, but you can’t choose / control if they are going to stay.
  • It made me experience that there are things you can’t move on from, you just need to live with it forever.

Maybe nothing else could express this better than this song.

Now, I miss that little stupid and ignorant boy, who believed that everything could be simple if you don’t complicate, and trying to find answer to his only big question – why does people complicate everything unnecessarily?

Ignorance is truly bliss.

Maybe its time to accept that life isn’t going to be easy just like that, it takes effort, and more importantly belief that “that some day” is right around the corner, maybe.